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Free Webmaster & SEO Tools

Some of the world's best free webmaster tools around.

  • Analytics Charts
  • Generate percentage area charts with your Google Analytics data.

  • Analytics Globe
  • View a WebGL-based 3D globe of visitors based on your Google Analytics data.

  • Diff Comparison
  • Allows you to compare two versions of text to determine what the differences are.

  • DNS Lookup
  • A tool that allows you to quickly check DNS records for any domain/host.

  • DNS Zone Transfer
  • Check the security of your DNS servers (check if your DNS zone files can be transferred).

  • EXIF Reader
  • Read EXIF meta data from any JPEG or TIFF image.

  • Geolocation
  • Allows you to geographically locate any IP address or hostname. Also shows your own IP address.

  • Geo Visitors
  • Where in the world are people that are visiting your site/blog?

  • PageRank
  • A simple tool that lets you quickly view the Google PageRank for any URL.

  • Ping Test
  • Test website latency from multiple locations around the world.

  • Social Buttons
  • Faster, more efficient social networking buttons for your site.

  • Search Engine Position Tracker
  • Keyword position tool for Google and Bing. Can also track historical changes to PageRank, Facebook Likes, links and indexed pages.

  • WHOIS Query
  • Tool that lets you perform a whois query on any domain or IP address.