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Free Web Counter Tool

A simple/free web counter that you can add to any website without needing to sign up for anything.

This is a free web counter that you can use on any page (or multiple pages) of any site. The nice thing about this one is that you don't need to signup for anything... in fact, you don't even need to "name" your counter. It's all automatically done based on the page you put the code on. The same code will work for any page, on any site. Because the code is the same for any page you put it on, this counter is handy for eBay auctions.

If you want the counter to start at a value greater than 1, enter it here.

If you want the counter text to shift left or right, enter the number of pixels here.

For those that want to override the default background theme, you can do so here.

HTML code to use:

What your counter will look like...